Workshop Title: International Best Practice in Hand Hygiene: Strategies to Reduce the Spread of Infections

Delving into the psychology and science of hand hygiene and its role in infection prevention to help reduce the spread of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR).

Benefits of Attending:
• Develop a better understanding of your role in preventing infections
• Learn about the ground-breaking technologies in the industry
• How to make effective training accessible for all
• Unique insights into hand hygiene education drawn from over a million data points
• Strategies for long term behavioural change in hand hygiene

Brief Summary of Content:
• The background of Hand Hygiene: The key challenges faced
• Examine the impact of human factors on hand hygiene
• Neuroscience and learning theory as it relates to hand hygiene
• Review international best practices in hand hygiene
• The strategies that organisations can use to improve hand hygiene performance
• Discuss how Artificial Intelligence can support infection control

Presented By:
Dr Gerard Lacey is a professor in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. His main area of research is human-machine systems.
He is the founder and CTO of SureWash, which provides hand hygiene training to healthcare workers worldwide to help achieve compliance, reduce the risk of infections and improve patient outcomes.

Speaker Details
  • Surewash