Stephen Rowley

Stephen is the originator of the Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT) Clinical Practice Framework. As Clinical Director of the Association for Safe Aseptic Practice, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in the UK, he has led the on-going development and dissemination of ANTT globally. Developed from the late 1990s onwards and now used variously in more than 30 countries, Working closely with Health Care Organisations and Governments internationally, Stephen has helped realise significant improvements in aseptic practice and championed the reduction of healthcare-associated infection. His peer-reviewed publications are widely read and cited.

Brief presentation description

In the context of serious AMR concern, this session outlines the ever-increasing importance of preventing HAI, and the critical role of effective aseptic technique practice and organisational governance. Results in 2019 of an exhaustive, UK Freedom of Information survey, identify ANTT as the de-facto standard aseptic technique – mirroring similar adoption internationally. After decades of ambiguous practice surrounding aseptic technique, the pre-requisite practice foundation is now in place to further improve education, practice and research in this critical but undervalued clinical competency. The ANTT Practice Framework will be outlined.

Speaker Details
  • Clinical Director Association for Aseptic Technique (ANTT)