Molly Courtenay

Molly is a nurse by background who specialised in intensive care. Prior to taking up her post at Cardiff University, she worked as a Professor at Reading University and the University of Surrey. Molly has roles on various international and national working groups and project advisory committees concerned with the development of the education and research agenda in the area of prescribing by non-medical healthcare professionals. As well as research in the area of antimicrobial stewardship, current research studies include work with nurse and pharmacist prescribers to identify the factors that influence appropriate antibiotic prescribing behaviour. She has also undertaken work with community nurses exploring influences on prescribing practice.

Brief presentation description

This presentation will describe how national consensus was reached on a common set of antimicrobial stewardship competencies appropriate for undergraduate healthcare professional education. The competency framework, which has been endorsed by scientific and professional societies including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), will be described as well as the process for mapping the competencies to infection training for Foundation trainee doctors across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Work evaluating the framework by an international panel of nurses, with regards to its application to nursing practice, will also be presented.

Speaker Details
  • Professor of Health Sciences at Cardiff University