LumiBio has developed a disruptive, unique and importantly, an environmentally friendly chemical dry-vapor and delivery system that when in use, gently attacks a wide range of targeted pathogens, across ALL surfaces, without harming humans, animals, equipment or furniture and is kind to the environment.
LumiBio does NOT use hydrogen peroxides, chlorines or bleaching agents, our products are pH neutral.

Using an ultrasonic dry misting system, all surfaces are given a protective coating. LumiChem is bacteriostatic and immediately penetrates the cell membrane. Working against specific targets LumiChem prevents respiration, synthesis and reproduction within the virus, whilst remaining safe to humans.

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County Park Trading Estate, Park Road,
Barrow in Furness,
LA14 4BQ
United Kingdom

Tel:       +44(0) 800 567 7581


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