Envirolyte ECA UK electrolysed water machines generate Disinfection & Cleaning liquids called Anolyte ANK (AANK) & Catholyte, they are green, safe, environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.

Infection Control Prevention within Healthcare for Dental, Podiatry, Wound care and Housekeeping, will benefit by using our products as a cost-effective method to achieve consistent Efficacy and Cleaning results.

AANK is 95% Hypochlorous Acid, a Powerful Antimicrobial at pH 6 with a 500 ppm concentration.

Disinfection of Water systems or Surfaces to Eradicate & Prevent, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Pathogens & other Microorganisms, including Fungi, Spores, Biofilm, Bioburden, and Lime Scale is achieved using our products.


Contact Information:


Unit D5,

North Cheshire Trading Estate, 19 Brookway,

Prenton, Merseyside, CH43 3DS


Tel: 0151 203 6530

Email: john@envirolyte.co.uk

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