Diversey is a leading hygiene and cleaning solutions company whose purpose is to protect and care for people every day. Diversey has and always will be a pioneer and facilitator for life. Diversey understands the critical needs and challenges faced by healthcare providers, and aims to reduce risks, improve patient outcomes, minimise environmental impact and improve productivity. Diversey offers an integrated 360 degree healthcare bundle through a unique combination of intelligent hand and surface disinfection solutions, UVC, Robotics, productive equipment, expertise in chemicals, and initial and on-going training. With over 95 years of expertise, Diversey creates solutions that revolutionise healthcare.

Diversey is headquartered in Fort Mill, SC, USA. For more information, visit www.diversey.co.uk or follow us on social media.

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Weston Favell Centre,
Weston Favell,
Northampton NN38PD

Tel:       0800 525 525

Email:  tinaz.ranina@diversey.com

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