Bioquell, an Ecolab solution, is a well-established global leader in the design and manufacture of bio-decontamination solutions for risk reduction within the healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical industries. The UK-based company provides validated and compliant surface and airborne bio-decontamination with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour technology.

Bioquell’s industry-leading technology is used across the world to eradicate biological contaminants including problematic bacteria, viruses and fungi on every exposed surface in any suitable enclosure to ensure maximum uptime. Bioquell also offers their Rapid Bio Decontamination Service (RBDS) for emergency or routine decontamination, RBDS is a scalable service which can adapt to your needs.

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52 Royce Close,
West Portway, Andover,
Hampshire, SP10 3TS


Tel:            01264 835 835


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