BioCair®, part of JCS Biotech Pte Ltd and based in Singapore, is a market leader in non-toxic, full room bio-decontamination and disinfection for high-touch, portable objects, including wheelchairs. With high-level, broad-spectrum BioCair BC-65™ Professional Biocide and disinfection systems that kill 99.999% of pathogens in the air and surfaces, BioCair is utilised in leading hospitals, clinics, education and professional settings. The BioCair Rapid Aerial Disinfection POD and BC-65 Biocide solves the challenge of disinfecting wheelchairs and portable objects quickly, safely and effectively. The POD disinfects two wheelchairs in 12-minutes, is proven non-toxic with easy-to-use one-touch operation.

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2 Woodlands Sector 1
#01-07 Woodlands Spectrum 1
Singapore 738068


Tel:           (65) 6602 9483

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